Mrs Pony

Mrs Pony was born out of a happy accident. I bought a few balls of yarn from a charity shop yesterday morning (the lady kindly sold me a few balls for £1) with the intention to knit a creature out of it.

One of the yarn was pink with a label around it that read: 12g Knit a Pony.

– But I’d rather knit a bird, I thought…

And then I thought that she would be very pink. Completely pink in fact. And I got busy making her, while Boy was busy climbing with his friends.


So here she is: Meet Mrs Pony.


She laid three eggs this morning.

Boy declared that one of them is a cuckoo’s egg – as some cuckoos like to lay their eggs in the nests of other birds – but which one is it, I wonder?

That means that Spring is very early this year: when we hear the cuckoo for the first time here, it means that Spring is back. Although we haven’t heard the cuckoo yet, a cuckoo’s egg is definitely a sign!


My husband believes that she has a northern accent.



I am pretty sure that her eggs will hatch very soon. A whole flock of birds is about to take over my house… It’s in the air. I know it.


Author: FocalHeart

My name is Noémie, I run animal communication workshops to help people enhance their relationship with animals and the natural world. My work is about the profoundly important messages we can receive when we focus with our hearts. Through cultivating the heart as an organ of perception, we can develop our ability to listen to and communicate with one another as well as our natural environment – plants and animals included.

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