Knitting a forest…

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Meet The Owl Brigade…

Knitted Owl 1

This knitted barn owl has just joined the crew… I made her yesterday.

I have been really enjoying getting up at 6 am every morning lately. I just knit, while drinking tea and looking out the big glass doors in front of my table.

This morning I was knitting while watching the robins getting in and out of the ivy…


The same view, a few hours later…

Desk View

And later…

Desk View 2

Mushroom and snow drops

Mushroom and snow drops 2

Mushroom and snowdrops 3

You may have guessed by now… Yes, I knitted a mushroom today…

mushroom and snowdrops 4

And yes, I took my newly made owl and my mushroom out with me for a sunset stroll, to show them around the neighbourhood…

Owl in sunset

I’ll introduce you to more knitted friends shortly…



18 thoughts on “Knitting a forest…

  1. The owl in its cosy nest is adorable. I’m curious about whether you left the woolly fungi in the woods? A few years ago my aunt started “yarn bombing” her village. I don’t think she’s confessed yet that it’s her whose doing it.

    1. No I brought it back home and put it in my spider plant… Funnily enough I’ve been thinking a lot about yarn bombing lately (my auto correct had me typing gran bombing… ahem…).
      I have been reading a book about it which gave me a lot of ideas for a few spots in my town… I will be doing it very soon, I find the idea very exciting :)
      Your aunt is such a heroin! I don’t know if i could keep it secret for very long…
      This mushroom is my prototype, I experimented quite a bit with it before I came up with version I am fairly happy with (yes, it took me all day…).
      I spent a while finding the right shades… I eventually decided to use this old yarn that I had dyed myself a few months ago, using… mushrooms as a dye :D

      1. I look forward to reading about your yarn or gran bombing antics. My aunt started “decorating” her village probably over a decade ago now. She sneaks out in the middle of the night to do it. I’m sure some of the approving villagers have spotted her but it’s a marvel none of the disapproving ones have. She has even sat in community meetings where the “issue” has been tabled for discussion and maintained a poker face. Last time I checked she still had not been outed or confessed.

      2. Hahaha! and at the meetings was she telling them how much of a disgrace it was that some hooligans would commit such acts of vandalism in such a pretty village? :D

  2. Oh, how cool! I reckon you could have a lot of fun leaving little knitted mushrooms around your local area! I love that you dyed the yarn with mushrooms too… What a happy coincidence 😀

    1. I have this idea of knitting a lot of small birds and hanging them in the trees over a footpath in town… I wonder how long they would stay there for… :)

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