Fox in socks on box on Knox.

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I have recently finished my 10th pair of socks. That’s nothing. I have a friend who told me she has knitted 40 so far.


Since I started knitting them last summer, I always have a pair on the go…


I’m still experimenting, trying new ways – new needle sizes, new yarn, new tips – I’m on a quest to knit the perfect pair of socks. I’m getting very close now.

So far I have always knitted them top – down… I might feel brave enough one day to knit them from the toes – up.

Knitting socks is my comfort knitting. For those who haven’t tried hand-knitted socks yet, I highly recommend it. It should be on the very top of your list of things you must try ASAP. Along with … Knitting them :)


What about you? Do you have a sock fetiche?

And more importantly, have you ever boxedĀ a gox in your gox box yellow socks?

Boy says that the Gox punches people into outer space and then they land into the pineapple glove – which is a baseball glove made out of pineapples. And then they are stuck in it. There are 32 people stuck in there, which is the amount of people the Gox has punched so far.

He always calls the Gox, from the phone box near our house. His number is 511480.

He shouts “Hello you stupid Gox!” and has a go at him. Then he has to run for his life, so that the Gox doesn’t catch him.

8 thoughts on “Fox in socks on box on Knox.

  1. Oooh, so many socks! I only have a couple of pairs of handknit ones, but I love wearing them! I enjoyed looking through your notebooks too šŸ˜€ And Boy’s encounters with the Gox could be right out of a Dr Seuss story… One of my own childhood favourites, as it happens!

    1. Yes… I mixed two dr Seuss books here… You would have recognised Fox in Socks art work at the top and as a reference in the title of the post… And Boy’s story is inspired from a character in Red fish, Blue Fish :) you spotted it well :)

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