The chatter of a monkey mind…

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I saw a bird of prey attacking a heron in flight while walking in the woods this morning.

The heron honked really loudly and the bird of prey let him go.


– Photo by Boy –

I went back to my local farmer’s market this week, to buy more leeks, apples and bread – and also some tarts and a gingerbread lady…

I am currently trying to prepare a 10 weeks lesson plan for my yoga classes.

Knitting. Yoga. Knitting. Walking. Living. Sleeping. Dreaming.

And thinking. Way too much, as always.

As I’m drawing my stickmen… I’m thinking about other things.

Like the fact I’m not focused.

Why am I blogging?

I should go back to my lesson plans… aims and objectives…

For me procrastinating is a part of the creative process.

That’s what I like to believe anyway.


“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”

― Elizabeth Zimmermann


What’s happened to bionic Noémie?

– She is gone. She’ll never come back.

A human being. Just a human being.

“We are human, with the confusing ability to experience the divine. Yoga helps. But remembering we are just human – that’s the hard bit.” – Wendy Teasdill.

Breath deeper, to quieten the monkey mind.

Just honk really loudly and it should go quiet… for a short while, at least.


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