Some small things that make me who I am…

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Sometimes it’s the things you do while standing still that make up who you are.”

– Marcie Chambers Cuff,

The flat tyre on my car still didn’t get changed, but today I got around to darn two of Boy’s hand-knitted socks.

Oh and I finished a sock that I started on the 07th of February, according to my knitting notebook…


The sock on the left is from the first pair I have ever knitted – last August – and the one on the right is the one I have finished tonight… You may recognise it from my previous post…

I’m currently working on the second sock.

This pair of socks is a slow project, as I have been busy knitting away three other projects.

Just small things. Not much at all really.


Meanwhile, my husband is celebrating his own achievement. Something much bigger. The release of his latest video, which marks the end of months of filming for him. It also means he gets some brain space back, to think about other things… Like his next project…

Anyway… Here is the new one:


12 thoughts on “Some small things that make me who I am…

  1. Wow! That was a beautiful, incredible video. I got a BMX for Christmas and now am slightly obsessed with BMX biking as well. Did your husband shoot the video footage? I am curious how he filmed it, because of the way the camera moves through the video– was he on a bike, as well? So well done!

    1. Yes he filmed and edited the whole thing, you see him at the end in the credits.. He used a skateboard – as he used to be a professional skateboarder, he can skate fast and keep up with Alex on his bike. He also used a gimble which makes for a very steady footage :)

      1. That is so impressive! I bet they made an interesting pair while filming. That would have been an awesome thing to watch. As someone who rides a skateboard and BMX for fun but unable to do anything fancy, I really enjoyed that video and am inspired to go ride. Thank you for sharing!

      2. P.S. I’m sorry! I forgot to mention– Congratulation on your sock progress! It’s always so satisfying to finish a sock. I remember you had asked me some time ago about knitting from the toe up, the fish lips kiss heel, the Magic Loop method. If you decide to give any of that a try in the future, I would love to hear how it goes and be happy to help, if I can.

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