Pointillism and fireworks

creativity, My Sketch Book, Thom

This is what our artful morning resulted in:

We first started with a bit of dancing, to shake off the cob webs…

Then following the theme of dots and pointillism, Boy made a painting of an explosion of fireworks…


And I, unable to follow my own theme, went off in a weird way, as usual…

Who is homescholing who, I often wonder…

4 thoughts on “Pointillism and fireworks

    1. Oh yes! I’m learning so much all the time :) kids are great teachers :) and they are so insightful and creative… I have gained a lot of confidence, when I started art all over again along side Boy back whe he was a toddler. It was very inspiring to see him immersed in the process without caring much about the end result :) he would draw a blue circle with two smaller circles at the bottom and would say proudly that he just drew a blue car :) it was very liberating for me to free myself from the weight of things having to look good or pretty or … :)

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