The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe…

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I would be very surprised if anyone could make any sense out of all these pictures… You are more than welcome to have a go in the comments at the bottom of this post though!

“A picture is worth a thousand words” they say… I’ll save you the reading then :)







Above: A humble attempt to contribute to Tammie Painter’s sketchbook Saturday week 1 challenge. Better late than never, right? the theme was… Can you guess?

6 thoughts on “The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe…

  1. Let me see… Boy has either just celebrated an achievement in swimming or diving, OR he’s adopted an orca of his very own. I kinda hope it’s the second one, but storage might be an issue 😀 Then we have finished “bouts de ficelle” socks (hey, you could call them “boots de ficelle!) – NICE – an awesome hat, and some sketchbook pages that fit in with the weather we’ve been having here of late! Wow, you’ve been busy! How did I do?

    1. You did very well :) and I love Boots de ficelle :D Yes boy is proudly showing his 5 metres swimming badge. He’s very proud of this achievement as he used to be very scared of water when he was smaller. I wish we had an orca… Mind you he already has a polar bear somewhere in the Arctic, thanks to his nanny and wwF…

      1. Yaaaay, congratulations! I suppose a future Pirate probably does need to start honing his swimming skills now 😀 And how cool that Boy has his own polar bear! Maybe he should take up piracy in the frozen seas of the Arctic circle…

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