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On this special day of pancake day – or shrove Tuesday – we received a very special gift from Dublin this morning :


Picture above: Boy

A Beastie calendar!

– The diehard Beastie fans would have spotted Boy’s tribute to Explorer Beastie on the picture above: Boy gave Pint Beastie a pencil to hold and he is wearing a hat, while he is looking at the same month in the calendar as Explorer Beastie on this photo:

explorer beastie

Photo Above: BeastieBlog

Boy was very excited when he recognised the Beastie face on the envelop – which is the seal of authenticity of anything Beastie. He had been waiting for this to turn up for a little while…

He rushed to his room, climbed up his bunk bed and I heard him saying excitedly out loud:

“Come on guys, wake up, we have a Beastie calendar!!! You’ll get to see pictures of your friends, Pirate Beastie! Well you won’t recognise them, Pint Beastie because you don’t come from Beastie Towers, you come from Santa, so you probably have never met the other Beasties…”

Boy is convinced that Explorer Beastie is the master mind behind this calendar.

After looking through all the beautiful pictures of the calendar, he went looking for my tablet as he decided that he wanted to take some photos of our Beasties – “to show the other Beasties, so they can stay I touch and see how they are doing“.

Boy took three photos. No more. And the three of them look pretty good I think :)



I like the way Pirate beastie wears his hat the wrong way around on this photo – “so people know who he is!” I was told.

These two Beasties looking out the window wanted to go out to explore the garden…


So Boy took them in the garden, for one last shoot…

If you want to meet more Beasties, head over to the BeastieBlog, where you will get to read official news and updates straight from Beastie Towers. Check out some of the recent master pieces: Dr Who Beastie and Diver Beastie!

A Beastie Towers spokesperson told me that they will be able to take on new custom made orders again next month… If you don’t already have a Beastie, you may want to join the queue behind me!

Now for the unofficial gossip: there are rumours going around that some Beasties might turn themselves into accessories this year… Close your eyes and dream wild: tablet case, pencil case, knitting bag, double pointed needles case…. camera bag… or even crazier: a Beastie Beany!!!!!!!! but I’m dreaming here – it might never happen and remember, I never told you anything…

8 thoughts on “Beastie Boy

  1. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLLLLL!* Oh woweeeee Noémie, thank you so much for this super feature… And the Beasties here in Beastie Towers have really enjoyed catching up with Pirate Beastie and Pint Beastie thanks to Boy’s photos! It looks like I’ll have to get cracking on designing those Beastie accessories though 😉 Again, a million monster thank yous for taking the time to put this post together 😀

    1. No worries, the beasties are big favourites here :) I find it funny when I overhear boy telling his friends about his beasties… Poor things, they have no idea what beasties are yet…

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