The Chronicles Of Yarnia…

Crafts, Knitting, Nature

“When you are knittings socks and sweaters and scarves, you aren’t just knitting.  You are assigning a value to human effort. You are holding back time. You are preserving the simple unchanging act of handwork.”

– Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, At Knit’s End.

My soul often has the urge to go wandering in nature. To feed on the sights of the valleys and woodlands that form Ashdown Forest. The peaceful sounds of the streams running free, the grounding presence of the trees, the smell of gorse flowers, the touch of moss, the shades of wet leaves, the sight of all the wild animals…

image… And when I watch my little tiger fast asleep on my bed, next to the heater all cozy, I have the urge to stroke him, which unavoidably wakes him up.

The other thing I have the urge to do, is squishing pure wool.

I often find myself craving the touch of pure wool.

To me, knitting and wearing garnments made from pure local wool makes me feel more connected to nature and the natural landscape that surrounds me – It’s like wearing the landscape.

It feels like a warm, cozy, gentle hug from Mother Nature.

Who doesn’t need that?

imageSometimes, one needs to feel wool in their hands or on their feet to feel warm, safe, cozy and nurtured…

I just finished this pair of socks, made from pure local organic wool, grown by the sheep from my local biodynamic farm.

They don’t look like much, but they feel like home.

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