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I don’t know if it’s because we are entering into the dark, grey, bleak, rainy corridor of January/February/March, but lately I have been craving bright colours, marvelling at the beauty of electric multi-coloured yarns…


Project and Photo: The Crafty Crusader – One of my favourite Knitting blogs :) – This yarn is from The Lemonade Shop.


Project and Picture from: Knit The Hell Out (another one of my favourite knitting blogs…) – This yarn is Paintbox from Collinette.

I love the randomness of the colours revealing themselves to you as you knit… Like knitting from a chart, it’s very addictive. Just like in a good movie, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next!

We went to bed very late last night, as we were waiting for Boy to fall asleep so we could watch Harry Potter And The Prisonner of Azkaban (a film predominantly grey, black and white…).

Boy has thoroughly enjoyed the first two films and audiobooks, but I think he can’t take it any further for now. From the third book onwards, the darkness and tension go up a notch and I think the dementors would freak him out. So Paul and I have are watching the rest of the series late at night, after he is in bed. As he knows we are up to something, he waits, and waits and waits… And we went to bed at 03h15 am.

In the mean time, I finished a pair of grey and blue socks for Paul – which I had started in the Summer, back when I was craving grey…


… So I could move on and take a big dive into this rainbow yarn straight away…


And now I am standing right on the edge of a cliffhanger: I have to decide wether I want to stick to my original plan and turn this rainbow into socks OR turn it into mittens instead…


14 thoughts on “(Techni)Colours

  1. I think rainbow mittens would be wonderful for bleak grey days! That first yarn very much reminds me of some jumpers my Gran knitted for me when I was wee. It was the same kind of thing where there was a sudden riot of colour amid a block colour. My kids have done some weaving with a rainbow yarn like you are using now and again we love the way the colours randomly connect to each other.

      1. Yes, that was my Shetlander Granny. Well remembered. It was definitely one of my favourite jumpers. The background colour was a deep, rich purple and then there were these little explosions of rainbow colour here and there, like fireworks against a night sky.

    1. I can’t have enough of bright colours at the moment :) the brightest the better! :) Im currently contemplating knitting electric fluorescent yellow hats and socks :D

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