Happy New Hare..

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imageThis hare represents my transition into 2016 as I painted him yesterday evening, on New Year’s Eve.

“The past is another land, and we cannot go to visit” – Cressida Cowell.

I won’t start this new year dwelling on this past year. And I won’t look ahead either. Because things never happen according to plans. So today. Today, I’m off to bake another vanilla cake.

I hope 2016 is off to a good start for you all :)


13 thoughts on “Happy New Hare..

  1. I love your hare! I have a bit of an affinity for hares because I grew up seeing them gallivanting in the fields and boxing each other. I hope the vanilla cake is wonderful. I have also been baking today. Must be a new year thing. Or maybe just an “I like cake” thing. Happy New Year!

      1. Or…you could munch on one of their pies while you are baking desert… :) your post made me realise how sad my existence is: I have never seen any pie shop around here :( I think I saw one in London once… And that’s it :(

      2. Really????????????????? I must find out, because if they do… I don’t even dare to think about it… oh dear… It all started when I first read your post about Pie Beasties… And you mouth started watering, then I found myself thinking about pies… A lot… 😋

      3. Welcome to my world! Boyfriend and I made a cottage pie the other day, and it was DIVINE! It didn’t last long… Oh, and I think I put a link to Farmhouse Direct’s website into both Pie Beastie posts. Just in case you find yourself in need of lovely pies by post!

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