Only fools…

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This year has been busy… lots and lots of knitting, hundreds of miles walking in the woods, some lovely times in Cornwall and all sorts of pirate adventures with Boy and his crew.

This year a Moonstruck Pup, Little Bob, two Beasties and an octopus have joined the family…


The Moonstruck Pup… coming up with new plans to tangle my yarn and play with my knitting…


Pint Beastie without his pint, One-eyed Little Bob and Pirate Beastie on their new ship… Why – you may ask – Pint Beastie isn’t holding his pint and why Little Bob only has one eye? Well, ask the moonstruck pup! – (Photo by Boy)

Pirate Beastie + Loot

A pretty good year for treasure, as far as Pirate Beastie is concerned.

A year with some tears, some laughter too. A decent amount of back pain and hours of yoga and chiropractic treatments.

It’s the small things I liked the most. Like some of the small things I have knitted for Boy and his dad…














When you become a parent your life becomes full of small achievements, they maybe small, but they are lasting memories, to treasure for ever.

The small things are what matter the most to me.

Like Boy with his tiny coins in his small treasure chests, I have my own little treasure chest inside me and I keep filling it up with small memories. My treasures. Small in size, but big to me.

As John Lennon wrote and sung to his son in Beautiful Boy:

“Life is just what happens to you,
While your busy making other plans”

Life is also these moments when one comes across something that makes one smile…

Those of you who are familiar with this will understand, because you would have probably shared it too if that had happened to you, wether or not you were busy making other plans…




(You may have noticed the “tax in the post” note on the wind screen… :)

Those who aren’t familiar with this and wonder why on Earth I’m showing pictures of a bright yellow three wheeled van,  I suggest you have a look at this:

All the socks on the pictures at the top of this post were knitted over a lot of summer evenings, while watching the entire collection of Only Fools and Horses :)

May 2016 brings you a lot of foolish moments and laughter, preferably with horses…

Horse and me

15 thoughts on “Only fools…

  1. Ah! Now I see why you asked me about Only Fools and Horses. Always good for a chuckle. I also love Blackadder (my favourite comedy series ever), Fawlty Towers, Phoenix Nights and Father Ted. I just gifted my husband the complete Fawlty Towers so we will be chuckling our way through that soon.

    I like your take on parenthood making you focus on the little successes and tiny moments of joy in life, the things we savour, cherish and treasure. I think that’s very true.

    Best wishes for 2016! I look forward to seeing what the coming year brings you.

    1. We are watching blackadder at the moment :) we watched him during WW2 and during medieval times… I also really like his version of a Christmas carol :D I think that’s one of my absolute favourite British comedy… :)

  2. What a year you’ve had! Here’s wishing you a knit-tastic 2016 😀 By the way, did Pint Beastie’s pint survive the Moonstruck Pup attack? If not, I’d be happy to stand him another one, just so he doesn’t get thirsty! All the best to you and your family for the coming year, I can’t wait to read about your adventures together 😃

    1. Yes the pint is ok, I just need to sew it back on. I have been trying to figure out how it was originally attached. There is a piece of string attached at the back of his arm. I’ve been wondering and studying the pictures of Pint Beasties on your website… :)

      1. Aha! Sounds like Boy intervened before Moonstruck Pup had a chance to really get munching! I usually stitch the back of the pint to the Beastie’s tummy first, then attach their paw to the front. It’s a pretty easy fix, but I offer a free Beastie Hospital service if you’d rather not tackle it yourself!

      2. Thank you, that’s very kind :) The pint only came off, no harm or damaged done. I’ll have a try and if I make a poor job, I might take up your offer :D

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