Treasure Island in the living-room…

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Today we have turned our tiny living-room into a film set, as the whole family is working on Boy’s film project.

My job consisted in making palm trees for the set… Under the watchful eyes of the moonstruck pup…


Then our tiny living-room was emptied and swept, to be all ready to be covered in tissue paper and sand… (Yes, under the supervision of the moonstruck pup, as always ;)


Then the trees were placed on the sand, to turn it into… a desert island!image

Or rather a Treasure Island, with a pirate with a map and some loot on it…


A pirate adventure is unfolding in our tiny living-room right now…


under the blessing of the Cutty Sark


I’m currently trying to keep the moonstruck pup out of the shots, make sure there is a constant supply of cups of tea…


And Beatles songs…

17 thoughts on “Treasure Island in the living-room…

    1. Probably by the end of the week, if everything goes according to plans… But you know what it’s like with that kind of production, release get delayed, red carpets get stained, Johnny Depp is too busy…. For now the main issue is that Octopus/kraken is now wearing a bow tie and a hat, but he hasn’t shot his scenes yet… So he is a bit ahead of schedule…

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