Octopus’s Garden

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I just finished an octopus, to play with Boy’s fleet of pirate ships.

I finished it this afternoon while drinking cups of tea, eating vanilla sponge cake and listening to Mozart (Pure moment of bliss…) while Paul was trying to build a 2000 pieces nano Lego Titanic model and Boy was playing with his new pirate ships.

Boy is so excited right now, he is about to pop. He is in the middle of making a pirate video, with a rather action packed plot.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day and a chilled Boxing Day!

7 thoughts on “Octopus’s Garden

  1. That octopus is superb! I love that it’s purple too – my favourite colour. My youngest brother’s nickname is octopus so all we siblings and our kids spot random octopus things when we are out and about, take photos of them and email or text them to him. It’s led me to be a wee bit octopus obsessed myself. I love that Muppets clip.

  2. Heehee, that’s the cuddliest Kraken I’ve ever seen! He looks right at home beside that rather impressive pirate ship, too. And that Muppet video had me laughing out loud… Any day can be made 100% better with the addition of Kermit & co ūüėÄ

    1. Yes that Kraken looks nice in purple, Im rather pleased with it, although the tentacles were a bit of a pain, but it was good icord practice. Last night I had to make an eye patch for one-eyed little bob (the knitted penguin) for Boy, so I carefully studied how you sewed it on Pirate Beastie for inspiration (ahem…. tuition)… well, I was told my eye patch wasn’t quite as good as the one on Pirate Beastie… not “round enough”… :D

      1. Heehee, the crew really is growing! And my secret weapon that I use to shape small felt pieces is a Swiss Army knife… The little scissors on my mini one are the perfect size to get into awkward corners, and they’re really sharp too!

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