Tree Portraits

Nature, photography

During my daily stroll in the woods this morning, everything was wet and very muddy.

The streams were running very fast, the ferns, the tree trunks, the mushrooms and even the moss look all glossy and wet. So wet…

I decided to photograph portraits of some of the trees I walked amongst, to capture how they look when wet… All the photos were taken during this morning’s walk. I hope you’ll get to feel the atmosphere of this wet, windy, wonderful, whimsical, woodland, wordless walk… (Any more w words?).

When I’m walking in the woods, I often find myself thinking that I must be in wonderland, or in some magical, whimsical kingdom, as everything feels charged with magic and wonder:

It feels like I’m entering a sacred space.

The woods are my church.

The holly berries, the jewels on the crown of winter.

The moss is a lush, luxurious carpet.

The ferns and brambles are the guards, protecting this place from unwanted intruders.

The mushrooms are the Wizards, healing and guiding this enchanted place.

Treeand Slug












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