Entering Into The Winter Solstice…

photography, Thom

‘Twas The Sunday Before Christmas…HightStreet

Lamposts have covered themselves with trees of light…

Christmas Tree

And trees have adorned their branches with fairies, pixies and lights…


The sun adorned the clouds with warm shades of colours…


All for the greatest excitement of this Boy:


Even the buildings on the Old High Street looked different, they looked… corrugated.


Steam buses, tall hats and proud Victorian expressions…


And subliminal messages in plain sight:


A ship decided to settle in town and turn itself into stone…


The consumers of Christmas have parked their mode of transportation, as all the shops, finally, decided to close their doors…


And houses turn into Christmas:


‘Twas the Monday before Christmas this morning and the sunrise coloured the sky with pink clouds…


Like an echo of last night’s sunset.


Exactly a year ago, in the same town, on the same day, Boy met the Grinch:

East Grinstead High Street Victorian Christmas Day.

– Photo: Ian Stratton –

‘Twas the Sunday before Christmas and the entrance into the Winter Solstice…

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