Barn Owls (and a moonstruck pup)

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Yes, that pup always manage to be in the background of my pictures somewhere, looking moonstruck… Don’t be fooled by those eyes…

I have nearly completed a pair of these barn owl mitts for Boy, as he is a bit of an owlet himself





This is how it looks before blocking… I shall post better pictures very soon…


The pattern is The Woodsy Association from Tiny Owl Knits. I have added the little silver charm for a little extra Owl Power…

It’s a very quick knit, worked flat. Ideal for last minute Christmas presents. The pattern includes the charts for 5 woodland animals:

The woodsy association

Picture above from Tiny Owl Knits : Racoon, Barn Owl, Deer, Wolf and Badger – with their knitted charms.

I have used the old yarn from the 70’s-80’s my mum gave me a while back.

I’m off to knit up the wolf next, to counteract the effect of the moonstruck pup stare, so that she doesn’t turn me into a werewolf in the next full moon…

11 thoughts on “Barn Owls (and a moonstruck pup)

  1. Those mittens are adorable! I love the inclusion of the little charm too. The whole collection looks great with the little tails and things. I would love a wolf for one hand and a raccoon for the other.

    1. She has been with us since January… so not so new addition :) she is obsessed with yarn and sheep and knitting and all things hand knitted – just like me, but the way she expresses it is rather different/destructive…

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