The patience of Moominmamma

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moomin mama knitting

Since being a mother I do often feel like I’m Moominmamma, with my knitting always at the ready in my bag, along with Boy’s survival kit: Rescue remedy, a spare pair of woolly socks, a pen knife, a palm drill, a half finished pom-pom, notebooks and pencils for drawing on the go, string, magnifying glasses… And all the things collected in the woods every day: shiny golden bottle tops, twigs and small sticks, pretty leaves, stones, bones, moss and pine cones…

And the patience. To wait. To listen. To be still. Even when a storm of wild, loud chaos unfolds.

I have read a few Moomin books to Boy… and I must admit, I love the Scandinavian feel of all Moomin things, especially the comforting presence of Moominmamma. Like all mothers, she knows that this, whatever it is, shall pass.

I spent the last few weeks doing a lot of knitting, but I don’t have much to show for it. I feel like I have spent my time knitting all sorts of things for imaginary giants and gnomes –  Wrong gauge most of the time.


It’s a shame I don’t have Rubeus Hagrid address. I have started some slippers that turned out to be his size…

I have been knitting while listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks read by Stephen Fry – His voice, his narration and the text… It’s just pure bliss!

I’m definitely a process knitter. And a practical learner. I have learned a few new techniques while knitting for my imaginary friends (of course I started with the hope that whatever I was knitting was going to fit whoever I had in mind), however I unraveled everything at the end.

Putting so much time and effort into creating something, then destroying it as a  symbol of impermanence is a good practice for one’s patience skills and non-attachment.

Like the beautiful sand mandalas that Tibetan Monks create….

Mandala 2

Patiently applying the sand for a week…Mandala1

Before destroying it…mandala3


The destruction of a sand mandala is highly ceremonial. Even the deity syllables are removed in a specific order along with the rest of the geometry until at last the mandala has been dismantled. The sand is collected in a jar which is then wrapped in silk and transported to a river (or any place with moving water), where it is released back into nature. This symbolizes the ephemerality of life and the world.

I haven’t been throwing my knitting in any stream or river. Just unravelling it… one stitch at a time.

Same can be said with this blog.

I have written a few posts, about all sorts of wool related things, but for now they are all tucked away in my drafts folder. Dormants, for an indefinite period of time.

I find it hard to believe that it’s that time of the year again…

Night Sky

We still have our daily adventures…


… and contemplative moments in the forest…

red mushrooms





… and we also have to keep up with the Things To Do Before Christmas List:


Things like ice-skating with a seal called Pogo…

Elf Hat1

or making an Elf Hat…

Elf Hat 2

And of course, catching up with Santa…

Thom And Santa1Thom and Santa

Knitting a Christmas bauble…


and we even turned a book back into a tree…



I stayed up late to knit up a pirate cat as Pirate Beastie and Boy are in the process of gathering a crew…


The Scurvy Pirate Cat (on the right) isn’t quite finished yet. I’m told by my local Pirate Authority (aka Boy) that “He needs a tail and arms with a hook and a wooden leg…”. Ho Ho Ho! A Pirate Life and more late nights for me!

I have recently developed an obsession for harem pants (one simply can’t own too many of those…) and we have been going swimming in our local pool down the road. I remembered again how much I love swimming and that water truly is my element.

Anyway, I hope you are having a lovely pre Christmas time. The mulled wine season has begun, hurray!


28 thoughts on “The patience of Moominmamma

  1. I totally love the Moomins. Seriously, my purse has moomins all over it. Sadly most Americans think they are hippos. Anyway, I have been trying in vain to get my sons into moomins for years and I think I finally have a fellow fan in my 8 year old. As much as I love moomins, however, I am not remotely like Moominmamma. I do not have her patience and ability to meet every situation with calm. It looks like you are having lots of winter and cosy fun. I love that book tree. That is very cool.

    1. Thank you :) The book tree is actually very easy to make, all you need is an old book, and some glue… and a bit of patience, to fold 110 pages… :)

      1. You must be patient! you have the patience to paint all these beautiful characters! and you write beautifully, that takes time too! :)

    2. PS: Read the books with your kids… The three first books are really good (The Moomins and The Great Flood, Comet in Moominland and Finn Family Moomin Troll). They are irresistible!

      1. I have read Moomin books to them, including some of the comic book style ones. The oldest two just don’t click with it. But all is not lost since my youngest two seem to “get” it. I will make moomin fans out of them.

      2. It came out in 2010 I think, you know Bjork sung the theme, something like “this comet, god damn it” or something like that :D

  2. Beautiful post Noemie. :) yay for Moomins! (Amongst my souvenirs is a Moomin headscarf with which I am going to make a knitting project bag. I just love them.) I do the same, writing blog posts then filing them away…I hope you post more, I really enjoy reading them. I never thought of it like mandalas but I like that…I do enjoy frogging the knitting too…as Picasso said, Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. :)

    1. I couldn’t agree more! once you get over the apprehension of having frog your knitting, the real fun can begin! :) I bet you got to see some beautiful moomin related things in Finland! :) I meant to ask you, did you design the shawl that you recently made? it’s stunning! :)

      1. Thank you! Haha yes so much muumi goodness, loved it! :) the shawl is from the Craftsy class ‘My First Crochet Shawl’, the lessons themselves were not brilliant but the pattern that comes with it is lovely, it’s called the Asteroflora Shawl. So easy, and can use any yarn at any gauge. :)

  3. Oh, there’s so much good stuff in here! Moomins, a walk in the woods (I was really taken with the photo of the lumpy tree) and getting to meet Pirate Cat for the first time! Boy has some great ideas, maybe I should get him to come and work for me 😀 And the piece about frogging and sand mandalas reminded me of domino night in France – do you remember that? Where they set up a huge trail of dominoes in lots of different patterns, and then knock them down on live TV? I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine it… 😆

    1. Domino night… I actually had to google it on Google France to find out what it was… all I could find was a Street Arts Festival in Rennes who did it last Summer as a part of one of their street events… Tell me more!! I’m curious know :)

      1. Hahaha! Now I’m starting to wonder if I imagined it… I spent a year in Clermont-Ferrand in my now-distant student days, and I remember being at a friend’s house and watching the event, which I’m pretty sure was being broadcast nationally from Paris. They basically got a whole lot of different people (maybe some artists, as well as members of the public, community groups etc) to create a series of designs which were recreated with stood-up dominoes. Then the first domino was knocked over, and taa-daaaaa! The designs would reveal themselves as the dominoes fell. Even if it was all a figment of my imagination, I might see if Slow TV might be interested in making it a reality – it was so soothing to watch!

      2. It sounds like the kind of thing they would do place du trocadero, under the Eiffel Tower because there is a lot of space there… I must investigate this :) the weird thing, it does vaguely ring a bell…

      3. I know! I’m surprised there isn’t more about it online… The way my friends were talking about it at the time made me think it was an annual event. Perhaps I’m mistaken and it’s an Auvergnat thing, rather than a nationwide celebration of dominoes and their susceptibility to gravity! The search continues…

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