Autumn is in the air…

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I have spent this Autumn so far knitting socks…
image– At last! I completed this pair of socks for Boy! –
imageTo keep his feet warm while he goes out and about on his adventures in the woods!

image image

… and I have been knitting hats too…


These hats were made using the vintage yarn my mum gave me a while back… I had to be creative when I ran out of the main colour with this hat:image

Baaable Hat

baable hat

This is my version of Donna Smith Baa-ble Hat. I have used the wool from my local biodynamic farm. They only have these three colours in chunky (blue, green and white) so that was lucky… The black is from local sheep too. It comes from the leftover yarn from this cardigan I knitted for myself a few years ago – (see below) –Baaable Hat and cardi

That was yesterday, during a lovely walk with my friend Barbara (she took the photo).

I knitted this cardigan a few years ago. I just made it up as I was knitting it, over 3 years ago. It was quite ambitious, considering I had only knitted one jumper (picture below) and a few scarves and shawls before that… But I was eager to knit the kind of clothes I wanted to wear but couldn’t find in stores.

I decided to make up my very own cardigan, entirely made with local yarn. The grey comes from the sheep from my local biodynamic farm and the natural darker shade comes from the sheep grazing right in the valley where we used to live, in Ashdown Forest.

I really like using the wool from the sheep who live and graze around where I live. It makes me feel deeply connected to my natural environment!

Here is jumper number 1 which I knitted in Summer 2012:

Tara and I

Tara and I

me and my cardi and mr chat

I have been wearing this cardigan a lot! Pretty much every single day of Autumn and Winter (and on some days in Spring and Summer too) ever since I finished it. Yes there is an extra stripe on the right sleeve. I pondered for a while, wondering wether it was bothering me or not. I realised that actually, it does not.

I suppose it’s my cardigan equivalent of Mr Gru’s scarf, as it’s stripy and we both wear it all the time!


32 thoughts on “Autumn is in the air…

  1. I think it is wonderful that you use wool collected from local sheep. I am so impressed that you can make a cardigan from a pattern in your head. You are very talented. I especially love your sheep hat.

    1. Thank you Laura :) you’re very kind! I didn’t create the sheep hat though, it’s from Donna Smith, the patron of Shetland Wool Week which took place in Shetland for a week in October. This hat was the symbol of this year’s event :)

      1. My Gran was from Shetland. I grew up watching her knit at high speed. She was an incredibly talented knitter but sadly I just could not seem to learn at her knee. One of my earliest memories is of watching her and two elderly Shetland relatives knitting Fair Isle with their needles whizzing from their knitting belts. It was mesmerising.

      2. Shetland is the spiritual home of knitting as many knitters say :) Fair Isle is my favourite as I love all the colour works and patterns involved in that process :) The two hats on this post are fair isle knits, and both from Shetland, the other one is based on a pattern from Shetlander Ella Gordon who created it for Shetland Wool Week, also :) A lot of extremely talented knitters are Shetlanders or from Shetland origins :) I love Shetland wool! :)

    2. Did you get the comments I left over at yours earlier on today? it looks like none of the comments I have been leaving on other people’s blog for the last day have been received… I wonder why…

      1. How odd! I left a comment on a few of your paintings today and I left the same comment twice on Nosferatu and it doesn’t show up anywhere in my admin section… it only shows back to comments I left yesterday am… very odd indeed!

      2. That is really weird. I have had a few glitches with WP in the past – though that isn’t one of them – and I found I could resolve it by logging out for a while and then logging back in. I am sure you have tried that though. The folks at WP are very good at getting back to you when you encounter a problem.

      3. I tried leaving comments under your paintings a few times today and they wouldn’t show up, I thought it was because they were waiting for your approval but then I realised that no, they have vanished instantly..

      4. There must be something going on with me and computers today as I discovered in horror that all the photos of my son when he was a baby, toddler… and basically the first 6 years of our life together have vanished from the external hard drive… :(

      5. Nooooooooo! I do hope you can recover them. That would be one of my nightmare scenarios. We once had a computer completely die on us but an expert was able to get all of the saved data off the hard drive. I hope you can do something similar.

      6. Not sure… I think that the hard drive backed up our computer at some point automatically, synchronising itself with what’s in there, if it makes sense… But I’ll give it a go with the experts… :(

      7. I have just checked both my admin area and my email and I cannot see any comments from you other than as part of this conversation. So weird. Now I am worried that I have accidentally blocked you or something but since I don’t know how to do that I don’t know how I would check and potentially undo it either. I will keep investigating my end and see if I have caused the glitch.

      8. I don’t think it’s on your end as I have commented on a couple of other blogs and it’s the same… thank you for checking though! :) goodness me, what a day!

      9. They have suddenly all just appeared! What on earth ….? I don’t know if it is that I clicked something on my end or if it is just that the comments got caught somewhere out in the ether but suddenly they all just appeared. Crisis over it seems.

      10. Hahahahaha this is so funny! now it must feel like I’m bombarding you with comments, as I have been trying a few times today! modern technology is a very peculiar thing…

  2. Love these knits! You’ve certainly been busy! And you’re lucky to have access to so much locally-produced wool right on your doorstep – the colours of the chunky yarn you used for your sheep hat are especially awesome :)

    1. Thank you so much :) I first made it for a friend’s kid, who didn’t like it – he’s 10 so getting a bit cool conscious and doesn’t want to wear sheep on his hat. He is unaware that this is the very cool thing about it… Oh well :)

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