Pirates of the British Isles

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Pirate Boys

We had a busy Halloween last night! Without eating any candy at all (without counting the chocolate coins in the booty, right?)

running pirate

I could tell you all about the fantastic firework display we saw, and the fact that I loved how it was synchronised with music, like with the ‘This is Halloween’ song from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It worked perfectly. Obviously it was the right song to play for Halloween night, but also the way the fireworks were going off synchronised with the singing voices made for a scattered, slightly erratic and whimsical display. I really loved it!

But you may be more interested in the Pirate Night we went to afterwards, in one of the local pubs in our town…

Pirate Thom

Boy got up in the morning and the first thing he said was: “When are we going to the pub?”

Well he waited rather impatiently all day long until at last, we went there…

(I’m glad we found a good use for this blue and brown stripy scarf I knitted back in 2009, when I started knitting again :) 

Ghost ship

Bat dogThere was some pretty good outfits, like a spider dog and her friend. the bat dog…. (although I thought it was a dragon at first…)

I have already mentioned the recent addition of Pirate Beastie to the family, do you remember that?

Well Pirate Beastie and Boy had the time of their life last night!

Skull and Pirate Beastie

Pirate Beastie loved playing with all the pirate things…

Skull and Pirate Beastie 2

AND… Fancy That:

Pirate Beastie + Loot

Treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Treasure Beyond Measure!!!!!!

Pirate Beastie on Throne

And a throne… and a hat …. and a sceptre…

Thom on Pirate throne

Yes, HE turned up:

thom+Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow + Thom 1

Boy asked him where he had left The Black Pearl, and Jack Sparrow disappeared for a few minutes and came back with the Black Pearl in a bottle. He told Boy that Black Beard had casted a spell on it and shrunk it and bottled it up…

Jack Sparrow + Thom2

If you are wondering why his eyes are like that, well let me tell you he has drawn eyes on his eyelids so that when he is asleep, people think he is awake and won’t attack him… Well you may already know that, I didn’t. Boy and I havent seen Pirates of the Caribbean yet (well we are about to watch it tonight, as soon as I have finished writing this…).

Jack Sparrow + Thom 3

Boy was absolutely enthralled, fascinated, mesmerised, gob smacked… In that photo, Jack Sparrow was showing him the tiny monkey on his shrunken ship…

Jack Sparrow and Thom 4

Hello! Boy and Pirate Beastie got to hook up with some good ol’pirate mateys…

pirate beastie + lady pirate

I have no idea who this lady is, but she turned up with Captain Jack Sparrow, and then spent a fair bit of time sat on his throne and… Pirate Beastie liked her, so that’s a good enough reason for a picture I thought…

We were starting to make our way to the door to go home when…

Captain JAck Sparrow + Pirate BEastie

… Captain Jack Sparrow asked if I could take his photo with Pirate Beastie…

Pirate Beastie and Captain Jack Sparrow

As I was taking the photo I couldn’t help giggling, thinking about what the Beasties back at Beastie Tower will make of that :)

Pirate Beastie in loot

One last swim in Captain Jack Sparrow’s Treasure…

A Pirate Band was playing, grog was flowing –  I bet Pint Beastie would have loved it there! – and more and more pirates kept turning up… but it was getting late and the time felt right for our crew to head back home…

Pirate Beastie outside the house

Here you can see Boy’s bedroom window decorated for Halloween…

Pirate ship in a bottle

Today he wanted me to make him a Black Pearl in a bottle… like the one Captain Jack Sparrow showed him last night.

And of course, the first thing he did when he got out of bed this morning was building this:


jack pumpkin king

Happy Halloween!

20 thoughts on “Pirates of the British Isles

  1. Your day of piracy looks to have been immense fun. I’m impressed with your ship in a bottle. That’s very cool. Enjoy ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. The first in the series is a favourite with my boys.

    1. I wasn’t sure about Boy watching it at first, as i thought he might be a bit scarred, with the cursed crew looking like zombies, etc… But he was fine… He was highly captivated throughout the whole film :) are the other films any good?

      1. It’s a law of diminishing returns with the sequels. Two is OK but the others I have only watched once each as I didn’t really enjoy them – though my kids liked the third one. They are definitely nowhere near as good as the first movie though.

      2. It’s too often the case, sadly… I won’t suggest him to watch the others then… For now he seems very content with the first one, so no rush!

    1. He definitely did, swimming in gold and hanging out with jack sparrow… He was in his element so much that he forgot to start a fight! Although he did steal some chocolate coins from the booty…

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