Collaboration: A beer with Carol!

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For those of you who don’t know yet, Carol and I are having virtual coffees together. It all started with an idea in the comment thread of one of her posts, and then it took shape at the end of this post of mine. Carol responded on her blog here. The idea is to have virtual coffee chats together, and explore a different approach to writing. I hope you will enjoy reading our chats as much as I enjoy writing them! Feel free to join in the conversation in the comments below!

Good Evening Carol!

Although I don’t really drink that much at all, I happen to be having a coconut beer tonight, while reading your post :)

So instead of a chat over coffee, it’s a bit more like a chat over a beer, I hope you don’t mind?

If I was having a chat with you in a cozy english pub right now, I hope we would be sitting by the fire and that the pub isn’t too noisy (it’s Friday night after all!).

Or maybe we could be in a pub where you are? Do you have actual pubs in the US? I tend to see pubs as a British thing but I might be wrong?

I’d probably get my knitting out and keep on trying to unravel this baa-ble hat (see photo below) I have been knitting and unravelling for a few days now. it’s gorgeous, but it doesn’t quite sit on my head properly. It keeps falling over my eyes, so I have kept unravelling it from the top (3 times so far) but this afternoon I had an epiphany and thought it may be better to simply unravel it from the bottom, up to the desired length. Well, easier said than done.

baable hat

It’s all done now!

I have never been to America. I have traveled across Europe a fair bit, and all throughout and around India quite a lot. I went to Nepal too… and in Moscow. But I never went that way. I have always traveled East or North (or both).

Like most westerners, I have read a lot about the US, watched a lot of american movies and listened to a lot of American music, so it kind of feels like I have been there many times already. The US always had some sort of familiarity, like I have already lived there before… I know I haven’t in this lifetime,  maybe it just feels familiar because I have seen, read and heard all about it a lot? Or maybe I have been there before…who knows?

There are a few things I haven’t really learned in this life, things I sort of just knew already… like speaking english always felt comfortable to me… and knitting. One day I felt the urge to knit, so I just picked up needles and started to knit.

It’s funny we have Orléans in common! Where I come from there is a big Jazz Festival in July every year, I suppose that’s a good connection between New Orleans and Orléans… and in my home town there is a big cathedral, I used to live right next to it for years…


I used to live in the flat where the two top windows are, on the first building on the right… Later I moved to a small house right near the cathedral, around the corner on the right.

I have read that there is a cathedral in St Louis, near New Orleans, is that correct?

Orléans is famous for Joan of Arc and for being on the edge of a rather big river called the Loire. The whole area is often referred to as the Loire Valley and has a lot of castles, woodlands and vineyards.

Here you can see the cathedral from the other side of the river, which is rather wide. It gives you an idea of how big it is!

Where would you like to travel once your daughter has graduated? What’s the destination on the top of your list? I’d love to explore Scotland and Iceland.

Your grandma’s potholders look fantastic! I absolutely love them! I love the colours and the shape! I have this grand plan in my head to crochet a mandala cover for my sofa, with a lot of colourful granny squares… I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I have a lot of ideas, but not enough time on my hands! I just signed in on pinterest for the first time today, as I was looking for ideas to make a pirate hat for my son and I was astounded by all the lovely crochet projects I found! It’s literally like being in a candy store! It reminded me of your grandma’s lovely potholders!

Yes walking in the woods is something I do daily, with my dogs and my son… Here is a photo of me with one of these big mushrooms I was writing to you about:

Noemie + Ganoderma aplanatum1_Fotor

If we were in a pub, I would have probably ordered chips by now – or french fries if we were in the States?? – I would probably ask you to tell me all about the southern fried fries you guys have where you are. I never had them, what are they like? Most importantly how do you make them???

I would also tell you about that pub we saw with my son yesterday night. It was adorned with a huge pirate flag on its building and there was a sign about their Ghost Ship event on Saturday for Halloween. My son, who spends his life dressed up as a pirate as if it’s his normal clothing was extremely excited to know that he will be able to meet some real pirates if we go there on Saturday for Halloween… So it looks like I’m off to have chips with pirates tomorrow, before heading to the firework display and all the children’s rides over at the fundraising event of my town’s football club.

I think every woman should give Restorative Yoga a go… especially if, like in your case, the brain says “Move!” but the body says “No!”. Restorative yoga is all about self-nurturing, restoring and relaxing and I think that all women really need it. Of course men need it too, but from my experience, most men won’t make time for it, as it’s not like a physical work out.

In a session of 1h30 you will only do four to five postures, but stay in them for a while to allow your body to sink, let go and relax. You will spend the whole time either lying on the floor, or resting on bolsters, with eye pillows, cushions and blankets, to get into a state of deep relaxation to allow the body to de-stress, heal and recharge.

A session usually looks like this:


Your body may resist at first, but once you have experienced it, you will want more! you will get a good stretch too but it’s very gentle and supported with props all along.

If I was having a pint or a cuppa with you right now, I’d tell you to give it a go and I’d offer to come to your house with all my props to give you a free session. I think that’s something women need to experience, as women are ‘feeling’ creatures. Once they ‘feel’ it, they get it :D

I’d also ask you about these gorgeous cats of yours! How come they have french sounding names? Do you know a lot of people who speak Cajun where you live? (assuming I’m right in believing that French Creole is indeed called cajun as I read before?)

What’s the weather like at yours now?

Did you have a good week?



6 thoughts on “Collaboration: A beer with Carol!

  1. This keeps getting better and better! I read your post {on my phone} while I was in the café writing and I’m pretty sure people around me were wondering why I was smiling. I hope that our readers are enjoying these posts as much as I am. I have a couple of things to write before I post my response, but I’m definitely looking forward to writing it!


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