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Last week, Boy discovered to his amazement that there was, somewhere on the face of this earth a Pirate Beastie. He’s blue. And He’s a pirate. He has a wooden leg and a parrot on his shoulder, and he has a skull and cross bones on his pirate hat. Boy couldn’t believe it!

Boy decided right there that He should adopt him.

So he gathered all his money from his various treasure chests and kitties. And we bought him, HERE!

This morning this arrived in the post:

Boy wanted to know everything about his new friend, so a quick google search revealed a bit more about his background and more importantly, we got to have a glimpse at his SHIP!

Pirate Beastie and his ship

Photo and Pirate Beastie History : http://crawcraftsbeasties.com/2014/02/26/pirates-ninjas-and-skiing/

Over at the Beastie Blog, we found out that Pirate Beastie has some Ninja friends too, and a whole family of “me hearties” back at Beastie Towers in Dublin. Here they are, showcasing their secret weapon…


 Photo from: Here – Boy is convinced that Beasties have some cat heritage…

Then Boy showed Pirate Beastie around the house (that didn’t take long, our house is rather small…), and most importantly, to Boy’s Head Quarters… where I could hear Boy warning whoever was in there that Pirate Beastie had a sword so they should all watch out! I can hear as I’m typing that Pirate Beastie is now raiding everyone in there and stealing their loot.

He seems to be fitting in very well with the rest of the crew in there…


Here is Pirate Beastie tonight after his first day here… it looks like he is doing alright, treasure wise…


Pirate Beastie photographed by Boy with his loot

And now Boy wants me to knit him a pirate ship with canons and sails for his Pirate Beastie, so he can go and find treasure and sink other ships…

He made a lego version of Pirate Beastie ship, and photographed it himself :


Oh and Pirate Beastie was given a new name, He’s now called James the Pirate Beastie. He is now off to bed with Boy. Tomorrow they are planning to look for more treasure and shipwreck to explore…

26 thoughts on “Aarrrgh!

  1. Oh WOWEEEEEE! Thank you so much for posting this! I’m glad James the Pirate Beastie arrived safely, and I loved watching Boy’s reaction video! He’s really landed on his feet, and I can’t believe he had his own hand-built pirate ship already… He’s one lucky Beastie 😀 Hope you’re having lots more pirate fun today!

    1. Thank YOU so much! for creating such lovely Beasties and for crafting our parcel with so much care! the postcard looks gorgeous! and the lovely note, and the delicate wrapping of the Beastie as a beautiful pressie, and the lovely label on Pirate Beastie, and the yummy treats! you put so much care in every single detail! Last night Boy was looking at his Beastie for the 56 000 000th time and he commented out loud: “wow this lady who makes the Beasties, she is very good at knitting and sewing!!” and you prepared the parcel very thoughtfully! it was just perfect! you deserve a big round of applause and a big shout out! I wish I had a football crowd at my disposal, I’ll get them to make big loud rounds of Ola and Cheers! :) Thank you so very much!! you made Boy (and me!!) very happy!

      1. You’re very, incredibly welcome! Reading your posts and comments over the last couple of days has made me so happy, and I can’t wait to share them with my blog community when I’m back from my break! I hope Pirate Beastie continues to keep Boy entertained, and thank you so much again for all the cheerleading you’ve done! You rock!! 😀

      2. Pirate Beastie has been up to some incredible adventures, he now has a rather large pirate ship and he now has a bossun… Who is in fact a faceless gnome that was made out of wool and felt in a rather primitive way… So the gnome is in charge of firing the canons and Pirate Beastie is in charge of everything else, and is rather bossy. I find it scary that gnome, who doesn’t have a face, is in charge of firing weapons but apparently he does it very well and never miss. Taking photos of a Beastie is very addictive, and I’m trying to stop myself, but it’s very hard : D I will have to take a photo of pirate beastie and gnome on their ship though because it looks hilarious… (Although it’s very serious business, of course :) enjoy your break! :)

      3. … Ooops, that went early! Clearly I haven’t the same skills as Gnome, and I have eyes to see with! Surely the two of them are bound to find a good haul of treasure soon with such powers at their disposal? Happy snapping, and you’re welcome to post your pics on the Beasties’ Facebook page, or send them to me and I’ll make them into a blog post!

      4. Ok will do! Feel free to use any of my pics, including the ones with Boy. I’m happy for us to help the Beasties in their plans of taking over the world :) I’d rather have Beasties as rulers :D

      5. Pirate Beastie is going to have chips in a Ghost Ship pub to meet real pirates today… I hope he won’t start a fight and raid their treasure chests… ;)

  2. Your post is just as cute as that pirate! My boys went through a very intense pirate phase a few years back (they still play pirates now but just not all the time) and they had to have loot and booty to raid and collect. People at jumble sales, car boot sales and flea markets were very pleased to meet my kids as they would scoop up all the blingy costume jewellery for use as pirate treasure. Most of it was given to them for free too so they were actually wee pirates themselves. I occasionally had to repel them from my boxes of jewellery when their piracy got out of hand. I hope Boy and his Pirate Beastie are learning some sea shanties.

    1. oh yes! one of them has something to do with a bottle of rhum, and the other one is about a drunken sailor, you know, the one you kindly offered some porridge to… :D We spent a month in Cornwall earlier on this year and we saw a concert with men singing sailor songs and sea shanties a cappella. It was beautiful. My son was amazed and bought their CD and now he plays it very often :) In my house, anything shiny has already been raided, along with any nice looking boxes… he is now complaining that he doesn’t have any real rubies in his loot. We are going to smuggler cave next week in Hastings, to see some treasure. That’s one of the famous places around here were pirates/smugglers used to hide their gold and jewellery in the caves of the cliffs. The place is apparently haunted by ghosts of old pirate captains who don’t want to leave their treasure… sounds good to me! :)

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