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I have received a few nominations for different blogging awards recently, and I must say, I feel very honoured that fellow bloggers have thought about me when it came to nominating other blogs. It’s nice to know that this blog is read and even sometimes appreciated by other reading beings. As many bloggers will know, sometimes you can feel a bit lonely when your posts don’t get any form of attention whatsoever.

I think that a big part of blogging is to outreach other people, to make new connections, and discover new blogs, new ideas, new content… and pass it on! Sharing is a big part of it. That’s why I’m writing this post, because I’d like to share with you the blogs I follow and all the very talented people who inspire me… Some are big, some are small… but they are all very interesting folks.


I’ve never been a very popular person. Probably because I’m not cool. I mean I don’t really look cool, I don’t follow any trends, I don’t know much about what’s trendy, what’s the hottest in anything…

I don’t have a TV, I don’t watch the news, I live in my own bubble a bit. The news in my bubble is very much depending on the blogs I follow. I can tell you about other knitting websites, or more importantly what the Beasties have been up to lately, or all about Shetland Wool Week, including Knitsonik presence in Shetland, and how her ducks sound like… I can tell you about Kate Davies latest designs and her yarn club (which was sold out before I got a chance to buy a membership), or Wolfberryknits latest creative adventures… while I’m knitting socks, bobble hats, mittens, while drinking tea and thinking about kittens (well, you know… it rhymes!)

This post is my attempt at sharing with you the blogs of some of the very talented people who inspire me, while paying them a humble tribute.

I’d like to invite you to visit the three blogs who nominated me:

Bilingual french/english writer La duchesse D’Erat (merci beaucoup  Mme La Duchesse!) nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. 

She writes beautifully and I admire the fact that she takes the time to blog in english and in french, and that she writes superbly in both languages! I wish I had the time to translate my posts into french (so that my mum and dad could read them more easily), but I find that I sound better in english, funnily enough, even though french is my mother tongue. On La duchesse’s blog you will get to read very good advice on writing novels, for instance, How to craft a great villain… in case you ever wondered. Her post made me realise that all my favourite villains were indeed crafted that way (with moments of self-doubt, good qualities and cool toys!).

La Duchesse’s blog is like an excellent wine, and like all good wine it’s always better with… (no, not cheese…..) with her friend Melle Louise! another great French blogger, who has a great talent: Her writing combines comedy, self-doubts (but she is not a villain, although she has good qualities, she doesn’t have cool toys…), deep emotions and self-reflection. I find it beautiful the way she openly blogs about her moments of vulnerability, when self-doubt arises, and the page remains blank. She also has some interesting recipes for ‘futuristic’ pies that she crafted over many hours.

Lexa, from Keepin’ Up Appearances nominated me for the Liebster Award. With this award I have got to answer questions about myself. I feel that my answers will probably be very boring… because my favourite game is probably playing hide and seek with my dogs, I don’t have a favourite joke, because I have a very silly sense of humour and my attempts at being funny are usually met with big wide goggly eyes and vacant looks and that makes me giggle, so it’s quite a lonely experience. I don’t really have a celebrity crush either… except for my dog Jasmine, she was famous….

Twiggy Fur Ad 8x10 CHOSEN 08-09:Layout 1

… She’s the celebrity on the left.

But I’ll do my best to answer your questions:

What is your favorite cartoon ever?
My favourite cartoon ever is probably Le Roi et L’Oiseau (link in english here) or more recently Peter and The Wolf :


Here is the trailer:

If you had to choose, What is the one thing that defines who you are?

I think it’s the small things we do that define who we are. It’s really about the seemingly small, but time-consuming choices we make. Having a super clean house isn’t important to me. Making things is.

A lot of people tend to define themselves with external things, like what they buy, what they eat, what kind of music they listen to, or what hobbies they like… but it’s very self-limitating to define one-self this way! I have noticed that a lot of people like to define themselves with -isms. But it’s like making yourself small to make yourself fit in a very small box. The whole point is liberation and to free ourselves from all these – isms. We are all much more than what we buy, eat, wear, like or don’t like. I don’t think that there is one thing I do that defines who I am…

What is your favorite memory of an adventure you’ve had with your very best friend?

My husband, Paul is my best friend, and I liked it very much whenever we go on an adventure, all of us altogether, to look for Crop Circles, Ancient Sacred Sites in Cornwall or just go for a walk in the woods altogether. It doesn’t happen often enough!

What is your pets name and why?

Our oldest dog is called Tara, as a tribute to Green Tara, the goddess

Our youngest dog is called Nettle, as a tribute to the plant

and Henry as a tribute to the kings as our cat has a look of Royalty about him:

What decade would you rather live in?

Probably the 70’s, for the music, the cars and the fact no one had smart phones back then.

If you had visitors from out of town, where is the first place you would take them?

I’d take them to the woods

What is your favorite music to listen to live?

Classical music with a full symphonic orchestra is pretty good live, Fugazi were very good live, The Evens too… I think acoustic folk music is the best music live :)
What is your go-to item of clothing?

The cardigan I designed and knitted for myself a few years ago… I wear it all the time:

me and my cardi and mr chat

Featuring Mr Chat

What language would you like to learn?


What movie makes you cry everytime (damn you pixar!!)?

I do cry very easily when I watch films, so probably any film!

What makes you happy?

Knitting, practicing and teaching yoga and being around animals make me very happy. Especially knitting socks and hats for my son and husband. Walking in the woods or being by the seaside make me happy… Being out and about in nature, watching my kid climbing trees and my dogs playing make me happy.

Here are my questions, for the blogs I am going to nominate to answer (in case they want to play…):

What’s your favourite animal and what do you like about them?

Have you discovered any new music this year? what is your current favourite musician/band? and why?

What is that smell?

What books are on your bedside table right now?

What do you do when you want to relax?

What should we do with the drunken sailor early in the morning?

What’s your favourite place in the world and why?

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Where are you going dressed like that?

Where is your favourite place to go for a walk and why?

Why do men have nipples?

What’s your favourite drink (hot or cold)?

Why do they do that?

That creepy looking Nosferatu-esque character behind you… who is that?

Goslings are pretty good. Aren’t they?

:: :: ::

I was also nominated by Carol for the Blogger Recognition Award… Here.

The rules for accepting this award: 1. Tell how this blog got started. 2. Give some advice to new bloggers.

  1. How it all started… mmm originally this blog was about Animals and Animal Communication. It evolved on its own and took its own twists and turns and took on its own direction. As I kept blogging my poems, animal stories, my adventures with my son… I started to share my yoga classes, my watercolour paintings, my needle-felted animals and more recently my knitting. I think this blog has been very much reflecting where I was at in my life, as a human being, a woman, a mother, and sharing my humble journey as someone who needs to have a creative outlet.
  2. I would suggest for new bloggers to write – and keep writing – about whatever you feel passionate about. Write about what interests you, what inspires you… whatever that may be and take it seriously. Make an appointment with yourself. Just log in, open a new post and just see what happens. Just keep writing. I would also suggest for writers to take their time and to not be in a hurry to publish a post. Don’t be tempted to hit the publish button too soon… it’s about quality not quantity. I have came across a lot of blogs who are just churning content, as if they were on Facebook. I think it’s good to take a few days over a post. To write it, serviette a draft and then read it again the next day, before publishing it.

As I have been nominated for both awards, here are blogs I’d like to nominate for the Liebster Award and the Blogger Recognition Award:

I do follow blogs about writing, painting, knitting, gardening, … so my selection may seem a bit broad but it’s heart felt!

Laroseedespetiteschoses, for her beautifully written stories and her stunning watercolour paintings!

Spiritual Dragonfly, for her very inspirational landscape photography, her sunrise walks, her contagious love of coffee, her well chosen quotes and her positive outlook on life. Like her I find the presence of the sea and the sunrise very healing. We both share a love of walks in nature and for the work of Henry David Thoreau. I think we met because she commented on this post of mine where I quote Thoreau and she said something like :”Love me some Thoreau!!”.  I had never heard this expression before :)

Wolfberryknits, and M. and all the snakes, deadly spiders, kangaroos, koalas and scorpions who live in her garden and her beautiful creations! She has her own wagon as a studio in her garden, with the all the “s” animals – spiders, snakes, scorpions and the “k” ones – kangaroos and koalas roaming around.

The Beasties from the Beastie Blog

Maya, because she doesn’t conform, she loves dogs and she has found her Prince charming…

Funky Air Bear, for all the knitting, running and yummy recipes! and because yes: “Thinking IS like cosmic knitting”!!

Nadine, from Voyager of Freedom

Mrs Walker’s Art and Illustrations


Laura, from A Pict in PA

Cassy, at Knit The Hell Out – It’s a great knitter’s diary! I always love reading her adventures, as I have been reading her for years, I got to see her babies being born, growing up, modelling knitwear… Happy Blogging Anniversary Cassy! :)

Knitting the Stash!

The Twisted Yarn – well this big crochet house project you have been working on for so long seems pretty insane, and now I’m hooked, I want to see what it looks like. And I still don’t understand how you have the time to be such a prolific knitter/crochetter, mother of the Tyrannical Twinnage (my auto spelling wants to call them Twinge…), wife to the Stoic Spouse, student, working, being in Metal a band, running, and going out to Knit nights, write columns in knitting mags and keep us all up to date regularly on your blog… I suspect you have cloned yourself and there are a few of you around…

The Crafty Crusader

Usually with Blogging Awards, the nominated bloggers who choose to participate have to write a post in which they link to the blog who nominated them and then answer the questions (see mine above), ask their own questions for the blogs they would like to nominate, to pass it on (and let them know via leaving comments on their blogs).

Because I have nominated you for 2 awards, you can answer my questions for the Liebster Award, and the two questions for the Blogger Recognition Award.

I would like to invite all the people I have linked in this post to write a contribution for this blog. The subject is up to them. If you are interested, please email me your contribution here:

Of course I will credit your post with a link to your website.

Carol and I are going to have a feature on each other’s blog. The idea is for us to have virtual chats over coffees together while being on different continents.

We still have to decide wether we respond to each other over email and then I publish the whole conversation each week, or wether we respond to each other via posting on our blogs?

I’m quite curious to see what shape the idea will take and where it will take us!

I wish I was sitting in a cosy café right now, looking out the window, with a nice warm drink in my hands (wearing some hand-knitted hand warmers…) instead of being sat on my bed, listening to my neighbours arguing…

So if I was in that lovely coffee shop with you right now Carol, I would tell you about the lovely walk in the woods I just had with my family, photographing mushrooms on trees. I would probably even offer to show you the photos in my camera!

I would probably tell you all about these huge mushrooms we found, and how beautiful they look, and I would tell you that I so want to use the natural patterns on turkey tail mushrooms in my next knitting creation.

I would ask you if you had a nice weekend and how are things with you? I would ask you what your life in Leeds was like and what you like best about living over here, and what you like best about living overe there, in the US.

If I was actually talking to you, you would have probably noticed my accent by now and asked me where I am from. I would tell you that I am French. You may ask me where in France I’m from (I’m assuming here but everyone always asks me that question so I thought I’d get it out of the way now!:), I would tell you that I grew up in Orléans, which is about 1 hours drive from the south of Paris, which makes it sound like Paris suburbia, but back then it wasn’t. Then in my 20’s I moved to the south west, in the Basque Country, before moving to England towards my late 20’s. I have been living in the south east of England for about 9 years now. In that time I got married, had a child, and dogs and a cat.

I would ask you about your own family, and about your experience living in a different country.

I think I would most definitely ask you to tell me more about your coaching activities, helping women who are starting their lives all over again. I think it’s such a great support!

I’d probably tell you enthusiastically how much I believe that craft and especially knitting are great therapy for women, during difficult times, happy times, okay times… and I would probably talk about the link between knitting and feminism and how throughout history knitting played such an important role for women in many different cultures….

So I’m handing this over to you now!

Have a good night!


16 thoughts on “Awards, Coffee, Nosferatu, Celebrity Dogs n’all that…

  1. Thank you very much for the nomination, Noemie. I truly appreciate the sentiment it expresses and thank you for thinking of me. I will definitely come back to this post and respond properly and think about a contribution as requested but I’m too flustered right now to even think since I’m between dental appointments and a Scout pack meeting. Never a dull moment. Thanks again.

  2. Congrats Noemie on the awards, well deserved <3
    And thank you so much for nominating me, it's a real honor =)
    It doesn't matter how many people will read our postings, you know I write for myself mainly but yes I do agree receiving feedback can make your heart sing

  3. Tu utilise certainement aussi de la laine ancienne et détricotée, et cette manière de faire donne a ton oeuvre ce caractère “artisanal-antique” : c’est trés joli, beaucoup de Charme

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