Boy’s new beany…

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Boy is pleased because tonight I just finished this beany for him…

Note the moon-struck puppy in the back…

It reminds me of a forest pixie hat. The kind of hat that is perfect for a little boy. It is also a tribute to one of my childhood hero, Nils Holgersson, the boy who got shrunk by a pixie and went migrating with the geese across Scandinavia…


I watched the entire series (above) when I was a child, which was made after a book called “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils” by Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940).

The original illustrations in the book don’t look like the cartoon…


Illustration by Mary Hamilton Frye. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1922.

If you’d like to read the English translation of that book I just found this version online… I will start reading it to Boy for bedtime very soon, now that he has his own Nils Holgersson hat!

Boy went to bed and fell fast asleep with his new beany still on…


I just spent the whole evening making the pom-pom…. It probably would be a good idea to get a pom-pom making device, for next time…


The light is artificial, but I kind of like the rawness of it….


This tired looking boy is very happy with his new hat and was very pleased to do a quick pre bed time photo shoot…


He also insisted in keeping his new woolly socks on tonight…

He should be warm with his hat and socks on in bed! He might have dreams about flying on the back of geese across Scandinavia…

Sweet dreams!


10 thoughts on “Boy’s new beany…

    1. Je me suis reveillee matin avec cette chanson dans la tete :)

      “Il a quitte son village,
      et ses parents, et ses amis,
      pour suivre les oies sauvages,
      au dessus de son pays…. “

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