Sock stories, birds and bike superheroes…

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I have been knitting a lot of socks lately. Really? I hear you say, we had not noticed…

I’m usually a one-project-at-a-time kind of knitter, and I always make a point of finishing something before starting something new. Not anymore. I have been happily suffering from experiencing some sort of compulsive creativity disorder for quite a while now. The realisation that I could turn absolutely everything around me into knitting fully set into me. And I have found myself experiencing with this idea a lot last week:


The one above is the first draft, in my attempt to create bird-inspired socks and mittens…


Then I tried to simplify the bird, in order to translate it into a pattern chart. I’m not there yet. I’m still learning to draw in squares. Everything I draw in charts looks like a character out of an old packman video game!

As I was unsuccessfully experimenting with creating knitting charts from paintings, I did very much enjoy playing with stranded knitting ideas and my original idea of a blue-tit inspired sock turned into the design of this sock:


Yes, the blue-tit became a snow flake…

image image


I’m knitting them for Thom, so he can wear warm woolly socks in his welly boots this winter. The wool I used comes from the sheep at my local biodynamic farm.

So my new mission this week is to knit friends for the few lone socks I’m now left with after all my experiments.

I had to gather them up to take a group photo…


The two on the left are for Thom, the one on the right is for Paul.

I’m giving up on commercial sock yarn for the time being as I find them very disappointing. Pure local wool is my favourite by far.

I have some 2ply jumper weight from Jamieson and Smith coming in the post, which is pure Shetland wool… I’m so looking forward to try it, after all these years of reading all about it, I have decided to give it a go. Until now I would only allow myself to use wool from my local biodynamic farm or the stash of old yarn my mum gave me. But I often found myself restricted by the choice of colours available at the farm, or the amount of balls in my mum’s old stash. Self-limitation is an old habit of mine, as I’m self taught I do better with restricted tools to begin with. Having access to too many possibilities leaves me overwhelmed and confused. Being limited to these options was good while I was an utter beginner, now I feel ready to upgrade and deal with the overwhelming amount of choices before me and the endless possibilities of all the beautiful shades offered by Jamieson and Smith…

But don’t be fooled I’m not that reckless! I have only ordered four small 25g balls of 2ply jumper weight in the two shades I need to knit this project… (To go with my Flamingo painting)


Photo: Spilly Jane (Find her on Ravelry here).

While I was busy with my knitcase experiences, Thom was building intricate 3-D Lego pirate ships and my husband Paul was filming, editing and releasing his new video with BMX superhero, Alex Kennedy…

Anyway, I’m off to knit more socks…


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