Yarn in knots but socks now blocked

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At last, I finished this pair of socks this weekend. If Number 1 was knitted swiftly, You may remember that Number 2 started with a rather difficult start. From then on, it only got worst, and its completion took longer than expected…



Because of unforseen circumstances, caused by this big pup: image

Don’t get fooled by this angel face and the cute look… This creature is in fact :

an authentic yarn tangler!!! Look at that:image

Boy rescued these bits:


 That’s the total damage done in the space of a week:image

All this lovely yarn was nicely rolled in pretty balls, brand new, some of them even had nice paper labels around them. I badly needed the yellow and the blue yarns for sock number 2, so I had to spend hours (yes, HOURS!) trying to detangle them to rescue enough to carry on. This was true sabotage and it did slow me down considerably. I kept going, and I’m glad to say that now, this pair has been blocked and is ready to go…


The next pair has already been casted on. I’d like to think that I can have them finished on time for Saturday, for a friend’s birthday. So that’s one of this week’s challenges: managing to knit a pair of socks in, well… about 5 days. Bianca told me she can knit a pair in 4 evenings, I don’t know if I can keep up with that… Well if I don’t have to spend hours detangling yarn, I might…


To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Yarn in knots but socks now blocked

    1. Thank you lovely :) yes I do like them, although know that they are finished, I find them very… brown. They are for my husband anyway. I’ve started knitting a pair of grey socks with lovely blue on top of the cuff/heel flap/toe box and Im in love with grey now. It’s crazy how it brings out the best in whatever colour you put next to it! :) so now I have decided i want to start a series of grey socks, with different heel flap/toe box colour :) extreme, moi?

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