Good Bye Lou

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When someone passes away, those who are left behind are left with a bottomless pit of emptiness. They can fill up that void with memories, sorrow, sadness… Nothing it seems will quite fill up that gap. And one will feel lost and at loss. I do believe that, despite what a lot of people think, Death is much harder for those who stay behind and are left having to deal with the loss of a loved one.

Words are useless. So are images. But music can soothe. Music is full of the charge of memories reminding you of your lost one… But it can also allow oneself to release the emotional overload…

My humble tribute to Louisa is not much, really. I know that it’s not going to bring her back.

I have never met Louisa. But she was Home to a very dear friend of mine, who is now left wandering in the darkness of loss.

Louisa, for me, is a feeling. A warm, soft feeling of loving kindness. A feeling of compassion.

I found out that Louisa is also the voice on this song, which is one of my favourite songs. She dedicated this to her beloved nephews…

Feel free to join me in listening to Louisa’s voice and send her love for her passing, and for her family.

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