“When do you really get to go home?”

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I have a very intense relationship with music. I have spent years of my life listening to music a lot. Loud stuff. Not so loud stuff. I get immersed in it. Music can make me feel very emotional. Not all music. Just the music that strikes true, straight into my heart.

I have also learnt to appreciate silence. And the sounds of the world, the sounds of Nature (which are sadly too often interrupted by the sounds made by humans, also referred to as noise pollution…)

Depending on the tools they are given, humans are capable of making the most horrendous noise or the most beautiful sounds which plug into our emotions, which we can ‘tap from’ to make things… You know, the sound of music (literally, not the musical…). As I have an obsessive tendency with music, usually each year has its own soundtrack. I spent last year immersed in the world of Agnes Obel. The year before, it was Fleet Foxes.

This year I discovered Alexi Murdoch. His music moved me so much that it took me months to explore his album Time Without Consequence, one song at a time. I’d listen to it in loop, taking every single word and the musical arrangements in, then I could move on to the next one. I am still not quite done with Time Without Consequence. I don’t feel ready to dive into the depth of his other album, Towards The Sun yet. Though in this interview he says that it’s his best album yet, and that he recorded it entirely in one night. Such statements excite my curiosity a lot.

When I’m painting, I love listening to music. I can really get in the zone, tuning in with the music and letting it guide my paint brush. It moves with the rhythm and I feel fuelled by the energy of the music I’m listening to. To me it feels like it flows through me.


Yesterday afternoon I had an exquisite moment, painting this bird while listening to some of my favourite songs from Alexi Murdoch in loop.

I particularly tuned in with one song, which moved me a lot. In the exact same time, Paul, my husband was out on his bike, listening to the very same song in loop and he felt very moved by it too… We only mentioned it to each other when he came back a couple of hours later. It was this song:

Song For You:


Paul made a video using another song from Alexi Murdoch called 12 recently:


Here are a couple more songs from Time Without Consequence that I listened to while painting this bird:

All My Days, which is also beautiful, I think:


The title of this post is the first line of his song, Home


I think it goes well with that bird, what do you think?


Welcome Autumn!

I have used the bubble wrap technique to create a texture effect. I learnt it from a very good tutorial from Kate Osborne. Yesterday I got Thom to paint a butterfly inspired by her technique and I was very eager to try it myself on one of my paintings… Thank you so much Kate! I really love that effect :)


“When do you really get to go home?”

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