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What’s On The Needle Wednesday # 3 :


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… Perhaps I should call this post : What’s NOT On The Needle Wednesday.

As I mentioned it here a few days ago, I finished this sock and all was well with my “Hickory Docks”.

But for some unknown reason, her little sister has been giving me grief for the last few days. I keep trying to knit the cuff and I keep finding holes in it. So * I unravel, and knit again and I find another hole – repeat from *

Drum Rolls! In my new Hickory Docks!

I tried casting on a beany for Thom but Nettle, our youngest dog found it funny to play with the whole thing and got the yarn tangled beyond detangling.

So I’m in the middle of unravelling sock 2 and about to start it all again. It feels like I’m having a GroundHog Day with that one…

Familiar to anyone?

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