What’s On The Needle Wednesday #2

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What’s On The Needle Wednesday #2

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I finished the pair of socks I was knitting last week and I started a new pair straight away…

image image

I have got no shortage of big projects I’d like to cast on, there are all these beautiful cardigans, knitted dresses, Tees and pullovers in the queue, along with jumpers for Paul and Thom… But I’m on a mission to knit us socks at the moment. I’m really enjoying working on smaller, easier to carry around projects. I think I will always have a pair on the go even when I go back to knitting bigger garments.

Thom wants me to knit him an octopus and a knitten…you know, a knitted kitten.

So… To be continued!

4 thoughts on “What’s On The Needle Wednesday #2

  1. There is a socktopus on Knitty.com that you could always make for him! And of course, you could put mittens on that kitten. The socks are looking lovely. What yarn are you using? It looks almost shiny in the light.

  2. Thank you very much, The socktopus sounds great! Thanks for the link:) the yarn, well it s hard to say… The main colour comes from that bag of old yarn my mum gave me… It’s full of yarn that was bought over 40 years ago, some have old labels on some don’t have any. I liked this ball of yarn,but it came on its own, with no label. So I can’t really tell you much about it :) the blue is from my local yarn shop, I bought it recently. It’s Wendy Roam 4 ply. It feels and looks great :)

  3. Regarding the mysterious ball of yarn, I’m now trying to make sure I can stretch it for a pair of socks… I’m now knitting the foot of sock number 1 and I have added plain brown and blue stripes to save it, fingers crossed :)

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