Echoes of the Mazaruni…


Thom and I have been following the adventures of Natalie, an artist who is currently travelling around the world with her partner on their sailing boat, the Kehaar. Thom is passionate about shipwrecks and was fascinated by her post on a wreck they came across in Guyana. That post inspired him a lot… Inspired by Natalie’s beautiful drawings he drew his own Mazaruni, made his own out of Lego bricks and asked me to send it to her.. We were very excited to read Natalie’s post today…

Remember my post Shipwrecks and Sand Shoals? A couple of months after the post went up I got an exciting e-mail from 7-year-old Thom (and his mum, Noemie). Based on the sketches and photos in my post, Thom (who tells me he is “really into wrecks”) made a gorgeous drawing of the wreck.

Thom's drawingAnd then he went into 3D and built a Lego version of the shipwreck.

Thom's Lego wreckThom’s a charming young man, one of maybe three people who immediately recognised that the name of our boat, Kehaar, was taken from the book Watership Down by Richard Adams.

Note: In the book, about rabbits, Kehaar is a blunt old seagull who speaks with an Eastern European accent. He is very knowledgeable about the world, and he often confuses the rabbits by talking about things that they do not understand or cannot comprehend, such as bullets and oceans. Kehaar is the reason…

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