Dear Reader,

creativity, Knitting, Yoga

I imagine that whaver brought you here, whatever path took you to these parts of the wild internet, maybe, just maybe you are interested in slowing down and taking the time to have a cuppa and read, knit, paint, think… That you are bold enough to go through your front door without any plans, to explore your neighbourhood, throw a few seed bombs, talk to an old lady, say hello to a dog, meet a new cat you’ve never seen before, leave leftovers out for the foxes, go walking in the woods or swimming in the sea…

Knit socks, hats or teddies for children in challenging situations, do some yoga, breath deeper and make things, whatever craft or DIY projects that make you feel happy, proud, empowered and joyful.

I hope, dear reader that you will find this blog inspiring and that it will make you want to make your own, grow your own, talk to your neighbours, go outside and just see what happens.

Making time for good company, for nature, for creativity, for connecting with your soul, spend some time being quiet and present…. We are human beings, not human doings. So I hope that you are happy to slow down, sit down, observe nature, go bird watching… And try to do nothing. It’s actually harder than you think!

I’m writing to you, reader and also to myself, to remind myself.

Take good care of yourself, eat well, sleep well…

and feel free to share with me the things that you love doing to slow down in the comments!

Lots of love,


en Dordogne juin 81

My mum and myself in excellent company – June 1981, in Dordogne, France.

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