Little Bob’s first day

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Hello, my name is Little Bob. I’m the new addition to the FocalHeart family, i was only born last night. I belong to a boy called Thom. His mum made me for him but Thom made my eyes.


Thom loves building, painting and talking about shipwrecks… This morning He decided to paint a dragon…


After building a few ships, out of a lot of colourful pieces he calls lego. He designs his ships in a very odd way: they are meant to break into 2 and sink, like something he calls the Titanic.

His ships all sunk – like they were supposed to – so we headed outside. We spent some time hanging out in the garden, I watched him doing what he calls “Action Painting”. It consists of him setting up a big sheet of paper on the patio, getting all his paints and brushes out, and then he goes a bit crazy. He sits down quietly next to the empty paper for a minute, then he dips his brushes in jars of paint and starts waving the brushes all over the paper, shaking them as hard as he can. He runs around the paper, changing brushes. He looks like he is doing some sort of dance or ritual…



These are apparently called blueberries and are not supposed to be covered in paint. They were just behind Thom when he was doing his Action Painting Ritual and I could see he was making sure that he wasn’t covering them in paint… so they must be very special!


image image“Hello!” – That’s me here, as I was watching him perform his Action Painting Dance.


He also prepared some beautiful mixtures…


He mentioned someone called Jackson Pollock, who seemed to be into similar antics. Thom said that Pollock did something called Number 1 Lavender Mist… and that He was in the middle of making Number 2…


After mixing the colours in various ways, He decided to get his toy cars out…



It started to rain shortly afterwards, so Number 2 is now under a structure apparently called a sunbathing chair. It fits perfectly on top!

Then he took me to the park to meet up with his friend. I spent most of the time there in his Mum’s bag, with the rest of her knitting so I can’t really tell you what it looked like there.

imageWhen we got home, he took something flat and smooth under his arm, that seems to turn itself on and off. He picked me up and told me he was now going to introduce me to beings that I’m going to love, he said they were half vegetable/half animal and that’s why they were called Vegimals

I can’t wait!

Anyway, I’ll speak to you soon, Im sure!

Little Bob.

5 thoughts on “Little Bob’s first day

  1. Thom is so talented! How lovely to see his work on your blog.

    I love the concept of writing the blog from Little Bob’s perspective, it give that ultra-innocent edge, a step further than writing from the child’s perspective. Will we be hearing more from Little Bob? I hope so.

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