So why am I blogging?

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I remember being at a creative writing workshop a while back and being asked to write the end of the sentence: “I want to write because…”

I jotted down the first think that came to my mind: to let the hammer head sharks out of my head.

I suppose this answer is still valid.

It’s a creative outlet, a virtual place I go to, to create something, anything.

I have often sat down, logged in, and just started writing a few lines, an haiku…

This last year I have been blogging to share my watercolour paintings as I set myself the challenge to be able to paint animals in watercolours and share them to overcome this good old “I suck” mindset of mine.

I always have something creative on the go. For me creativity is a form of meditation, it makes me connect with my own rythm, with my soul. Everyday I work on something I’m in the middle of making. Even if it’s just a little bit. I need to be making something with my hands… May it be a watercolour painting, cooking or knitting. I’m a big knitting fan. I Just love the way it feels, to hold yarn in my hands and to turn it into an item of clothing, anything I want. Magic!

I always have my knitting in my bag and I get it out and work on it whenever I get a chance (there is enough waiting times in one’s day). Typically every Tuesday while watching my son at his gymnastic class, while chatting away with another mum, or at the playground, in the evening, early morning… Whenever I have a moment really. Funnily enough, I have never blogged about my knitting eventhough knitting is on my mind and in my hands quite a lot. Why? Probably because I don’t think I’m good enough at it to be worth sharing… See? The good old “I’m not good enough” thing again!

I have always been passionate about the Do It Yourself culture, back in my punk days until now :) I love learning new skills and I really enjoy the satisfaction of being able to make things myself.

I do keep a journal as well as blogging (my actual journals are full of rants, and long winded introspective, self indulging analysis, a bit boring really). I like the idea of trying to put together something articulated that may be of interest to others. If it’s just for me, then it’s not big enough.

I don’t find blogging to be a very social activity though. For me it feels like the opposite, it often makes me feel lonely, but I remind myself that the journey is more important than the destination. The most important is that I enjoy writing, the creative process, and sharing things out there, for the odd person who ends up here, from whatever path they are on. I hope that it might make them smile and inspire them to create something with their hands, anything…. So that they too might feel this contentment, this joy of making something yourself.

7 thoughts on “So why am I blogging?

  1. Toute cette introspection qu’elle soit mentale, spirituelle ou physique ( la peinture ou le tricot entre autres ) est bien une sorte d’exutoire de l’esprit qui ouvre la porte à une méditation beaucoup plus profonde.
    Cette méditation au fur et à mesure que se déploie le bon vouloir de notre Karma présent et à venir, elle se dépouille d’elle même de “ces et ses” artifices…L’aboutissement ultime étant la vacuité, pas tant comme une sorte de néant cosmique ou nihilisme intelectuel, mais plutôt comme un grand fil conducteur. L’interdépendance de tout ce qui ” est, fut ou sera, ” entre eux.
    On peut le cotoyer lorsque à travers la méditation on se rend compte que l’esprit ( notre esprit ) est vraiment interconnecté avec tous les autres… C’est alors une ouverture pour appréhender enfin les terres pures de Dewatchen.
    Le vrai travail de chacun aujourd’hui est de puruifier ses deux Karmas le mauvais en premier puis le bon,
    ( le mode d ’emploi est dans les préliminaires ) plus de Karma c’est l’ultime libération, la Boudéhité.

  2. I’m still working on my site title… I’d like to put “letting the hammerhead sharks out of my head” but it sounds a bit full on, doesn’t it? In the mean time I have put :: Heart & Crafts as it sounds a bit more… Inviting? :D

  3. Hello 101 classmate and neighbour…. your blog is lovely, look forward to following your creative journey :)

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