Mr Mallard

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imageI only finished Mr Mallard today. I have been busy with other worldly things and also I felt like taking my time over painting him, I tried to put extra care in making his feathers.

I finished my sketchbook today. It’s interesting for me to flick through it and notice my progress… I have always wanted to be able to paint but somehow I was never brave enough to overcome my shyness. When I was growing up I had a few friends who were naturally very gifted artists and that was hard for me to even try to paint around them, and I developed some sort of inferiority complex… Like I loved drawing and painting but I wasn’t really good at it. So I became very shy, and quietly kept art journals.

It has been a big deal for me to share my paintings here, and I have – I think – overcome my fear of showing my paintings to others. My son, I must say also played a big part here. I started painting again with him, and children are the best art teachers in the world as they don’t care about the outcome, it’s all about the process of making, painting, creating, building… It has been a very healing experience for me to learn to paint with my son. He always had a fascination for birds, especially owls, so he would ask me to paint them for him. I did and I couldn’t put the brush down. Then I briefly met a dog called Zara, a week before she passed away, last autumn. She told me I could and should paint. I clumsily tried to paint her and I just kept painting ever since…

Whatever reasons brought you here, thank you for crossing my path!

If you ever left a comment, thank you! It’s greatly appreciated.


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