How to make a yoga eye pillow…

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I’m very lucky, because tomorrow I will get to spend the day with Andrea Kwiatkowski for a Teaching Restorative Yoga workshop. I spent quite a while gathering the props I need to bring with me – and I needed amongst other useful things – an eye pillow!

I decided to make one myself, using what I already had lying around the house… and it was very easy!

I’m not particularly good at sewing (that’s why I knit in the round…) but this project is very straight forward: A standard handkerchief is the perfect size.

Fold it in half and sew the long edge and one of the short edges, leaving the other one open so you can fill it in later…

I did sew these two edges a few times back and forth, then I turned the whole pouch inside out, and folded the closed short edge a couple of times and sewed it again.

Then I filled the pouch with a handmade blend of linseeds, dried rose petals and dried chamomile… how much of the blend you put in depends on the size of your handkerchief. You want to fill it so that it feels not full enough, as you are going to fold the other edge a couple of times and you don’t want it to be too full : you want to be able to feel the linseeds evenly and loosely distributed on your eyes, not jam packed.

Then I sewed the open edge, folded it a couple of times, so that my eye pillow is the desired length to sit comfortably on my face… and voila…

That’s all for tonight, as it will be perfect for tomorrow’s Teaching Restorative Yoga workshop.

Soon I will sew a washable cover to put it in…

The rose petals make it smell divine and I find the smell of chamomile very relaxing (I prefer it to the smell of lavender).

Now off you go! See what you can find lying around your house. Re-use what you already have and make yourself a gorgeous, hand made eye pillow. Eye pillows are great for relaxation at the end of a yoga class, in the bath, on public transport, while lying in bed or sunbathing…

As I was making my eye pillow, I was listening to and singing this song in loop for some reason… Feel free to share your soundtrack for this project!

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