Owls and Cats….

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image      Our little owlet holding this painting of a Long-eared owl I made a while back…

My owlet finds it hard to part with artwork. His or mine. I’m actually happy to release my projects into the world, to set them  free, so they can have a life of their own. But my son thinks we should just keep them all. I was going to send this one to my mum for her birthday but the owlet doesn’t want me to…

He wants to keep it so he can “have a look at it whenever he wants to”, so I said I’d frame it and put it in his room, amongst his personal collection of postcards and images of cats and owls – Since he was born, He has been fascinated by anything owls and cats related and seems to attract them his way too!

A few nights ago, I stayed up late to paint, after a few glasses of w(h)ine… I got my watercolours out, along with my favourite brushes and I sat, listening to some inspiring music and watched what appeared on the paper:


As I started to paint, I thought about my mum and this crazy flying cat appeared. It must be a Cheshire Cat who paid me a visit on her behalf…

The owlet loved it and found that cat hilarious and of course his first reaction was that He would like us to keep him and send Mamie a photo of it…

But upon reflection, He agreed that we would keep a photo of it and send this crazy cat to France… for Mamie’s birthday.

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