against a tidal wave

My Poems



it takes a lot of courage

to go against the grain,

to refuse to do like everybody else

just because they told you so.

it’s brave to follow your heart

to stand strong in the storm of criticisms and hatred

from people who feel threatened by your independence.

but that’s how change happens.

change doesn’t happen by following the fools,

it’s clearly the opposite in fact.

Great Revolutionaries haven’t followed any rules,

but their own.

it only takes one individual to refuse to go with the herd,

to refuse self-deception

and the convenience of being safely tucked in,

for great things to happen.

instead she will explore other possibilities

other form of normalities…

pushing the limits, expanding, extending

reaching out for freedom.

follow your dreams…

it’s written on tins, walls and cigarette packets.

so what are we waiting for?

even they are telling us to do so…


the indian flutes have vanished,

as my CD player stopped.

and an angel just walked in my living room,

in the form of a completely white cat.

he walked in, had a quick sniff around

looked at me straight in the eyes

green eyes meeting green eyes,

as we both stood there,

suspended in a timeless moment.

zen, he walked out again.

It’s another good sign… then!

may all be good in the world!

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