Yule Rules # 1

I often find myself singing Christmas carols in the summer… But I rarely do it in winter.

And I often feel like wishing people Happy Christmas at random times of the year – Especially when I find they need cheering up. It sometimes work, if I’m lucky, I get a smile… :) So Happy Christmas! From me to you, to brighten the day…

“Happy Christmas!”

– But it’s not Christmas, you can’t say that yet!

– That’s your problem! Happy tidings to you and your kin….🎙🎤🎼🎷☃❄️

The Advent Fair…



Come to the Advent Fair,
I’ll have a table there,
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Handknitted fox scarves, bobble hats and mittens…
So come and say Hello!
Gnomes, foxes and fairies…

…and me!

Saturday 26th of November 2016

Michael Hall Steiner School – Forest Row RH18 5JA.




The weather forecast:


UK Overnight – Sunshine and showers, with frost for many overnight.
Showers will ease through the evening, leaving most places dry overnight. It’ll be a cold night, with frost for many, especially further north. Mist and fog is likely for some later in the night, this dense in some places.

That sounds like the weather forecast for the next four years…

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