Yoga classes


Yoga for Backs is a weekly class that I’m currently running in Forest Row. Wether you are suffering from back injuries or just want to strengthen your back, this course aims at helping YOU developing your own self-care routine, using props, breathing techniques and relaxation while getting a good stretch.

My classes are for everyone, including those experiencing or recovering from illness or injury and pregnant women.

| £60 for 6 classes |


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Classes are held in Warrior Arts Fitness studio in Forest Row:

Warrior Arts Fitness Studio – Unit 14a, Riverview Business Park, Station Road, RH18 5FS



One to one classes:

One to one classes are taught in a home environment, where the students feel comfortable, safe and have all the pillows, blankets and bolsters they may need – and you don’t have to drive home afterwards, you can just enjoy being relaxed without having to go anywhere!

I can teach Restorative yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yoga for people with back injuries as 1 to 1.

I love working with small groups so that I can give everyone my full attention. I can come over to your home – or your work place – and have a 1-2-1 session with you. You could also invite a few friends to join in, to share the cost.

I currently teach my one-to-one yoga classes in Sussex and Surrey.

The benefits of a one-to-one class is that the program is tailored to meet your individual needs and where you are at in your life right now, in the comfort of your own home or in your work place.

I charge £45 for a one-to-one class – which can be up to three students, so they can share the cost amongst themselves.

The class lasts 1h30, but I can also make it shorter to accommodate lunch breaks.

What to expect?

I teach gentle Hatha Yoga using techniques from various styles of yoga, restorative yoga, chair yoga and meditation for chronic pain relief, to reduce stress, relax and strengthen muscles and joints.

You will also find that a regular practice of Yoga also improves posture, balance, sleep and self-confidence.

I have been studying yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga for over 500h over the past 4 years.

I have experienced sciatica for two and half years, a life time of fused vertebrae, scoliosis, a compressed fracture, muscle spasms, spinal degeneration… so I studied back problems and what to do about them in depth.

I have learned how to manage pain and how to alleviate my back problems considerably with yoga.

I would be delighted to help you too if you are ready to take that next step!

My classes are for everyone, including those experiencing or recovering from illness or injury and pregnant women.

Class includes:

  • Standing and floor poses
  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Hip Openers
  • Twists
  • Balance
  • Core strengthening
  • Yogic breathing
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation

During a class each posture (asana) is held for a period of time and synchronised with the breath. Generally a yoga session begins with gentle asanas and works up to the more vigorous or challenging postures. A full session should exercise every part of the body and should include breathing practices and relaxation/meditation. The different asanas include: sitting, lying, standing, inversions, twisting, forward bending, back bending and balancing.


Invest in a healthier, happier lifestyle, attend at least 5 sessions before assessing the benefits of the yoga techniques.

To book a 1 to 1 class: Please email me – focalheart|at| – as I will need to discuss with you any health conditions/injuries you may have, so I can prepare a practice to meet your individual needs.



Please do email me if you have any questions : focalheart|at|

Thank you!