My name is Noémie, I run animal communication workshops to help people enhance their relationship with animals and the natural world.

My work is about the profoundly important messages we can receive when we focus with our hearts. Through cultivating the heart as an organ of perception, we can develop our ability to listen to and communicate with one another as well as our natural environment – plants and animals included.

I’m interested in helping people and animals have a better understanding of one another and am currently working on an online course.

A lot of people feel drawn to animals and wish they could communicate with them as they struggle to understand their behaviour or where they are coming from.

My workshops are designed to empower people to be able to remember this natural and ancient skill that has been used in numerous cultures for millennia.

I draw a lot from nature and ancient, nature based traditions. I studied yoga* for years, because I wanted to learn yogic techniques to refine my animal communication skills – The goal of yoga is to prepare oneself for meditation. Animal Communication is a natural side-effect of meditation.

Yoga, meditation and communing with nature are at the core of my practice – I have taught yoga to people with physical injuries or disabilities for years. My style of yoga is often described as restorative, grounding, relaxing and gentle.

I have facilitated Animal Communication workshops with various animals – both wild and domesticated. I have worked with cows, birds and dogs quite a lot.

“Meet your Totem Animal” workshop, Into The Wild 2018

Testimonials from previous workshops:

“Noémie is in a league of her own. She stands strongly in her wisdom and is an outstanding facilitator who honours students’ wisdom”

~ Vadivu, Singapore.

“Just thank you. I think I really needed this week now. It has been so balanced, between storytelling and animal communication. And the playfulness – Amazing! Thank You!”

~ Jo, Surrey.

“A magical learning experience that has broadened my horizons and inspired me for new paths to take, to make my life richer.”

~Alex Mackenzie, East Sussex.

“Noémie has easy patience and encouragement, she speaks and communicates straightforwardly. I felt like a valued member of the course and well looked after. Purely by doing this course, for the first time I realise that storytelling is not incredibly difficult. In fact I think it’s very doable.”

~Derren, Devon.

“Noémie is a skilled and friendly teacher who generously shares her amazing skills in communicating with animals”

~Angela, Brixton.

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“Noémie and Ashley have put together an inspiring set of activities to open up students’ minds to the rich landscape where story and animals come together. Both are supportive and generous in sharing their extensive background and experience. This workshop exceeded all my expectations.”

~ Alette, Edinburgh.

“I felt I could express myself with Animal Communication despite being in a new environment. Noémie built a wonderful feeling of trust in our group, thank you!”

~ Henry, Norway.

“Animal Communication and Storytelling from the heart are things we were born knowing how to do, but have been forgotten. I’m grateful for having the chance to experience coming back to our true nature”

~ Hailey, Taiwan.

“Excellent, 5 * – 10 out of 10. I think the combination Animal Communication and Storytelling worked so beautifully.”

~ Sarah, UK.

“This course in Animal Communication is a wonderful introduction to a skill we all have but don’t know it! With gentle guidance through meditation Noémie encourages us to trust the perceptions of our hearts to hear what animal have to tell us. In opening our hearts we hear the messages and images that animals (living and dead) have for us and find the words that can express them. We can also tell them how precious they are to us.

Complementing this work, Ashley told us moving animal stories from around the world -stories which are also our stories and in which we could feel  our close connection with fictive animals as well as with those in ‘ordinary reality’.

~ Natasha, UK.

“A lovely day. Very clear guidance that helped me feel more confident. Nice to be in a small group and ask anything we needed to. Very supportive and interesting. And beautiful cows! A peaceful, healing experience. Thank you Noémie!”

~ Anna Fraser, Scientific Officer within the Farm Animals Department at the RSPCA.

“Four days of developing your intuition and other senses that we all use but don’t usually recognise or honour. A much needed resource. Thank you.”

~ Andy.

Although I do prefer running workshops, I also offer 1-2-1 mentoring sessions via Skype to help people with any blocks that may come up.

My YouTube channel chronicles my adventures communicating with animals and communing with Nature.


*The word Yoga has two Sanskrit roots – the first from yuj samadhau meaning concentration, to have an unbroken and constant connection to the object of thought. The second root is from yujir yoge meaning union or “to yoke”. To connect. Union is realised through the awareness and constant identification of the soul as the true nature.